Just as the clock ended Monday opening a new day, I was too unlucky to be a victim of an MMS. Tsk! What a day! I almost wasted the entire day under the searing heat of summer because my car’s radiator had this leak due to a small crack. It almost ran out of water. The car stopped. Someone opened the hood and poured water instantly. As a result, the plastic radiator cracked that even DEVCON STEEL EPOXY can’t fix.

In the afternoon, I was on my way to take my son to his MILO BEST make-up class when I took the wrong direction. I went to Christ the King in Green Meadows instead of the one at E. Rodriguez. As a result, my son had to do 10 push-ups for being late because his dad failed as a reliable GPS. Hehehe. I cannot help it since I was still on-call and online at that time under the “work from home” scheme so I had to divide my attention on the road and on the work I have.

Just after that, I got this SMS from Denmark stating that someone has already relieved us of our work for the day. Thus, I headed to the nearby Gilmore area to buy 10 computer units only to find out that I was a little short of cash. The maximum I can get from BPI was 20,000. I was to buy almost PhP 200,000 worth of merchandises. Due to this, I thought of using my spare credit cards only to find out that the cheapest store does not support credit card purchases and the other stores adds almost a 5 percent surcharge though illegal. Hmp!

Soon as I was just about to take a break at Shakey’s, my wife was calling me already. I missed the call. Instead, I called my son who at that time was allowed to go home 1 hour earlier. He along with his yaya was waiting at the school for an hour already. I skipped my snack untouched and fetched my son. I was about to buy the entire set of equipments in an expensive store via credit card when my son requested that I take him home first because he and his cousin were to have a swimming at the rooftop.

Being a solo child that I love to spoil, I gave in. I took him home only to find out that I already ran out of time due to traffic and rush hour. I cannot anymore buy and pick the equipments as planned. I headed to the parking lot where as I opened the hood, the leak became stronger that water was bursting from this small crack. In short, I have no choice but to walk home and delay my plans.

I went home. My son and his cousin along with my younger brother and brother-in-law plus the nanny were all up the rooftop for a swim while I check for the entire price lists and brochures I got. Suddenly, I decided to head to Megamall’s Cyber Zone to check the prices as well. I got my brother-in-law where I get to meet my wife later on. Everything was way expensive than our finds at Gilmore. Thus, I had to go back to Gilmore to get the items there.

The problem… I have no car to pick everything and take them to our store. I also have to go to work as I have an important weekly client call. Aside from this, I have to take my brother-in-law, my nephew and my brother home in the province because the roll-up door is to be installed Tuesday which is to be supervised by my sister’s husband plus the fact that my brother needs to be in Subic for an entrance exam.

Well, I instructed my dad to travel to Manila with our van to pick the gang and the items. The only issue is that if he is available. Hehehe. I have decided to call it a day and head home due to an obvious stalemate. All plans were deemed as total failure except for successfully fulfilling my son’s wish of taking and fetching him to his class for the day. He will always be the top priority. Hehehe.

Anyway, I passed 2 food outlets on my way out of the mall to get some food for us when both stores ran short out of supplies of the food I want. Hmp. With no other choice, we proceeded home with my wife and brother-in-law gulping SAGO’T GULAMAN. I reached home and I sat. I took my dinner and I opened my lalptop. I blogged a little to drain myself to sleep. I was so tired but still I could not sleep. I was like having all the stress building up to cause later on a sudden mood swing.

So here I am now, sleepless and under an MMS spell! I just pissed off my sleeping time because of all the missed plans for the day. Hmp. I am not in the mood now and I hate this MIDNIGHT MOOD SWING! Hay… What a day!