You have like 5 to 8 million worth of claims in Pesos for some unpaid work and instead you are being offered like 1 to 2 percent of it for a settlement to close a complaint filed and a draft order released as soon as possible.

You know that you have all the proof and documented evidences to win over your claim in a legal battle but you do not have enough time and resources to exhaust with as you have to work for a living. What would you do?

Would 1000 to 2000 dollars be enough for you to forgive and forget… and move on? Will that assure that you get to keep your job afterwards? Will you close the claim and settle for something less for the sake of industrial harmony?

… or will you fight for what you believe is rightfully yours and perhaps open a door for settlement but in a reasonable and equitable offer just enough to put you in the safe zone in case they get to kick you off after the settlement?

Is it a DEAL or NO DEAL?