It’s 10PM. I am blogging in front of the television and it is my first time to watch SNN or SHOWBIZ NEWS NGAYON. Well, the show just started and it’s all about AUBREY MILES’ confession in the public about her long-kept secret of having an 8-year old son. She was being interviewed by the host, BOY ABUNDA and with her sidekick, KRIS AQUINO. Hehehe.

She admits of having to deny and having to keep her son away from the public eye and from the showbiz world for almost 8 years. It was perhaps her need to provide for her son and for her family that she has to keep it all secret and project that she is a single after all since she was once and still a sex goddess in the showbiz industry.

Anyway, who would have wanted to watch an actress-mom doing extremely sexy roles without being castigated and misjudged? Right? More so, she has to protect her son’s privacy away from the invading and intimidating public. She just had to do what a mother has to do – to earn a living to provide for her son and to protect him amidst all.

So… why make such a big issue and headliner about the confession?