This may be quite offending to some but I want to write it anyway since my intention is good. Just as I woke up this morning, I have switched on the television for the usual morning news. I was quite a stranger to the world for a week because I thought I had to prevent myself from the internet and focus more on reflections and relaxation. I have never had the chance to read the newspaper nor watch the news programs. I was for a while clueless of what is happening around.

This morning, I was quite shocked to see how Thai protesters under the Red Shirt Movement maul a government official out of his car. I have even seen a man belonging to the protest group using a stick poking at the poor man’s body. His driver was trying to prevent the people from mauling the official further but to no avail. The military personnel present are just staring since perhaps they are under the “maximum tolerance” order.

I have been an activist and I advocate for the very same ideologies as the other in terms of freedom, human rights and social justice. Same as the people under the Red Shirt Movement, I share with their thoughts and their aspirations of a good republic and a vision of democracy and progress but not with the way they execute their advocacy using violence and intimidation. I know that they what they have is a genuine protest but it need not to be as red as it ends in bloodshed.

We all grew up in the lesson that THE END DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS. In all the issues that we have in the society, a common rationalization for committing wrong, immoral, unjust or unethical acts is that if the greater good is served the relative harm necessary to gain such a supposed good is justified. In reality, people say doing bad can result in good, thus they assert bad becomes good. This is what is happening.

Isn’t it so ironic to see that the very same people who have overthrown such an alleged criminal fugitive who has an existing warrant of arrest for abuse of power, fraud and corruption are now in action demanding to put him back to seat? Isn’t it ironic as well to see the very same people who advocates peace and democracy storms a national convention such as the ASEAN SUMMIT aimed for peace and progress where for the RED SHIRTS’ love of their country, they put their beloved Thailand in great shame and embarrassment?

 I do not intend to judge nor perhaps conclude because deep inside of me, I do share with the emotions and beliefs. If given a chance, I would as well go with them on the streets and fight for what I believe is right. The only thing that makes this entire story wrong is when a protest is powered with violence and anger that stems chaos and civil unrest. Even when protesters are able to win in their will to overthrow the seat of power, they will surely fail for losing their CAUSE.

It is sad but unless we learn as people to follow what we preach and follow the process and law that we all are fighting for, coups and other civil unrest will always be around. People will take the streets time and again to get what they want. Tsk. I know that we almost have a similar story here in the Philippines where DEMOCRACY is being used to railroad CHANGE under the LEADERSHIP OF THE FEW but only that our original version of “PEOPLE POWER” is way peaceful.

Nonetheless, PROTESTS and RALLIES should not be abused and they need not be violent to be effective. Let’s give PEACE a chance. I know that the RED SHIRT MOVEMENT of our THAI neighbours runs from a genuine cause and I am hoping as well that they will succeed in putting things in the right perspective but I do hope that at the end of the day, they can give it a try to talk it out with their government on the resolution of this so the people of Thailand can once again stand up and live normal and at peace.