As I was sitting on my chair thinking of what topic to write, I came across this note in my desk that made me remember someone that I used to read so much about. I wonder what happened with the famous forumer and clubber named GIMMICKB4WORK? It’s been like months since I last read about him and about his articles and tips on clubbing and life after work.

Anyway, I got a blog entry from his blog site which seem to have been idle for some time now. Anyway, I have decided to use it since amidst the nature of its thought being centered on a hobby that most wives would love to hate and curse, I see some lessons in the said writeup that I wish to share.

I know how the writer tried to justify drinking, clubbing and going home late because he sees that the bottomline of all these is establishing friendships and building bridges useful for professional and personal goals. But then again, the lesson here is that there are other things more important that needs to be prioritized.

I am sure that whoever is GIMMICKB4WORK, he has already learned his lesson. I believe that his status of being idle for quite sometime in the clubbing industry he once helped in growing is a signal that somehow he has found already what matters most to him. Whatever that may be, that is something that GIMMICKB4WORK should be thankful for.

So please read on…

A CLUBBER’s REALIZATION OF CLUBBING…Posted by gimmickb4work at 2:04 PM

09132008: Last night, we thought of having a TGIF in a totally different manner. We thought of checking other places and doing it once more in numbers. So far, we did enjoy but then again, time was quite scarce especially when everyone is enjoying. We were almost loaded after more than 20 buckets of SMLs in a BAR in MAKATI were consumed just after we got out from work. CLEAN FUN is perhaps hard to resist afterall. EMBASSY will hear soon more about the GANGBANG and GIMMICKB4WORK. Diversion sometimes is needed to put a little variation to life’s experiences. The week once again almost perfected our clubbing attendance. Mahirap talagang tigilan o pigilan ang bagay na nakagawian mo na.

Well, I sent quite a number of SMS to some fellow MTCers yesterday to give the cue that indeed the FUN has to continue though it was quite raining. Alot of people answered back. Some didn’t. There I learned that BEHIND THOSE MTC HANDLES LIES SOME OF THE RESPONSIBLE MEN WHO KNOWS HOW TO VALUE WHAT MATTERS MOST FOR THEM – FAMILY, WORK, SELF. I replied back with some learnings. Then I realized so much. Anyway, I opted not to post an FR further as it seems that most of what has been posted speaks about yet again another successful GIG shared my the MASTERS. So far, we have had already our share of the fun and perhaps there is more into this HOBBY than what the eye can see. Amidst all these, it’s been a pleasure to have been able to learn quite a few things from this HOBBY we all coined as CLUBBING.

A year ago or perhaps months ago, three young industry-certified IT managers fresh from deployments onshore decided to join forces to fight off stress and perhaps do what seem to have been an expensive past-time in US and EUROPE – BAR-HOPPING and CLUBBING. From being much loved WORKAHOLICS by clients, fellow leads, managers and subordinates, they became disciplined ALCOHOLICS tagging along every officemates to their common interest. From weekly, they PARTY almost DAILY until they get to MASTER the ART of CLUBBING less MTC then. Since SPENDING has always been the CORE of CLUBBING, WE ALL WORKED HARD TO SPEND HARD. No rules. No limits. No people to mind.

We were into CLUBBING and we kept some ANGELS besides us less the AGRESSIVE MOVES. We went to many places, tried many things and enjoyed most of life’s PERKS not minding others. KAWANGGAWA then became the THEME. We suddenly coupled CLUBBING with a GOAL TO HELP ANGELS, FMs and OTHERS – GENUINELY. Generous as we are, we kept doing things our way without having to brag nor network with other groups. We simply wanted to have FUN. From receiving scholarships and academic awards to career recognitions and promotions, we learned to shift our appreciations to FLATTERY and MAKING THE ANGELS HAPPY. We were quite BLINDED as it seems we reached a point where we get to WORK EARLY just to PARTY AFTER. Then we all logged to MTC or WWW.MANILATONIGHT.COM as how PYXER introduced me to it. We learned to network with other groups, listen to feedbacks and tips and we even patterned our way of doing things as how the MASTERS would suggest. Suddenly we were MTCers already meeting fellow MTCers and CLUBBERS! Indeed that BIRDS of the SAME FEATHERS flocks TOGETHER.

With all these, we have reached the REALIZATION that indeed there is more into CLUBBING than CLUBBING. Truly that WHAT IS ESSENTIAL IS INVISIBLE TO THE EYE. They say that the BEST PARTNERSHIPS and FRIENDSHIPS are FORGED inside the BAR with a TOSS. That is true. MEN who share common interest flocks together to share a toss with no pretensions. BUILDING BRIDGES is the essence of this great HOBBY plus mastering one’s self through moderation and discipline. Moreso, this HOBBY has thought us to KNOW MORE OF OURSELVES. WHO WE ARE AND WHO WE AREN’T. As the great philosophers would often ask one of the hardest to answer question, I believe that the ANSWER can be found inside the BAR either on SOLO, DUO, TRIO or GANGBANG if we only put more time to meditate and ask ourselves – WHO AM I?


Just a short personal realization though! It may be abit off-the-topic but I thought that FRs need not be all about GIGs but also LESSONs we learn from each GIG. Please delete if deemed as a SPAM. Cheers to all and have a nice weekend!