Courtesy of Wilson Jeruz

I left so early this morning from home as I wanted to be at the office early. I bathe and dressed up as soon as I woke up at 5AM skipping my breakfast. I never even got to have a glass of water. I was in hurry to avoid the morning traffic. Anyway, I have a free donut and a cup of coffee to claim! Hehehe.

I got to the office and I had this short meeting with a lady boss as she was leaving for India for the long vacation. The mood was sound and friendly. She was trying to settle some issues with me but I appealed for more time as I cannot decide on the said topics in just an hour. She has to catch a flight by lunch time.

The team on the other hand is all waiting for me. They are waiting for the much awaited payouts and they are waiting for me so we can avail of the free donuts and coffee I have asked them to sign up for through this blog. Hahaha. I actually invited all my officemates to avail of the said freebies plus the fact that I have sent the same link and instruction to all my contacts in each of my email accounts like a spammer.

Hmmm. I wonder if I get 100 to 500 people in Makati City, the Philippines’ Financial District, to sign up for the said offering, would it not spell bankruptcy for Krispy Kreme for all the hundreds of donuts and coffee that they have to serve for free. Hahaha. Anyway, I am making them famous though they already are.

I arrived last at the Ayala Store of Krispy Kreme. I had to chat with some friends and read some emails. When my colleagues sent me an SMS saying that they are already seated there and eating, I rushed there walking and running. Literally. For the first time, I was made to walk a little farther as I have been missing some good exercise lately. I arrived with people whom some I know and some that I don’t queuing for their claims. I was quite feeing all the guilt.

I saw my officemates seated and laughing around. Just to get rid of the guilt, I bought with me a dozen of assorted doughnuts so somehow the store can get to sell and earn as most people are there for their free snacks. Hahaha. It was fun. Like them, I would love to have something for free. Hehehe. Besides, it is also fun to spend some time with colleagues eating a donut and sipping a cup of coffee plus the CHIZMAX SESSION. Hahaha.

If only all food chains will get to do the same every day, this could somehow help us to cope up with the global financial crisis. Hehehe. I am sure that the promotion and marketing done by Krispy Kreme will somehow serve its purpose of further putting their business in a good position. Nice move!

Aside from this… I was able to generate a little traffic on my blog site by featuring the said promotion from Krispy Kreme. Hehehe. This somehow motivated me to write more and to look for other freebies and offerings to share aside from my quest for good, relevant and interesting topics to write about. Cheers!