I am writing this to fulfill a promise I made to the Indian friend whom I have mentioned in my prior blog entry about career switch and on the question… WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO TODAY?

I need not to explain and define SAP and JAVA as both distinct technologies as we have to leave that to google to do the talking. SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning Software run by best-run businesses around the world.

JAVA on the otherhand is not just a programming language but a core technology that powers most mobile devices, web  applications and online services.

From a CLIENT-SERVER model, SAP has moved to SOA and semi-CLOUD COMPUTING extending the capabilities of the ERP software beyond geographical boundaries. Thanks to JAVA!

JAVA has always been a top choice for developing web services and integration solutions linking systems together. SAP runs on JAVA and JAVA runs SAP. This is the future of SAP if I were to talk about expansions.

Thus, a JAVA professional need not to totally abandon JAVA programming just to switch to SAP.

(writing in progress…)