I was reading the dailies this morning and I came across this article where criticisms are being thrown to an incumbent governor who also happens to be a priest and is now being talked about for his plans of running as a candidate for presidency in the Philippines this coming 2010 election.

All of his major sponsors and supporters who backed him up with funding during his campaign against a known and wealthy lady candidate Lilia Pineda and with the former young governor son of Senator Lito Lapid, Mark Lapid. He won amidst the odds and protests because the people then wanted change.

Since then, he has led the province of Pampanga in a cleansing drive where corruption and moral issues was his priority. He fought but then like a soldier, he was being wounded left and right by attacks. People who used to support him deserted him. Perhaps, he was too straight that people expecting favors from him forgot to realize that they cannot play with him. Thus, they saw their support being futile for them to benefit.

I am so much disappointed. I am a KAPAMPANGAN and I have always been proud PAMPANGA as my home province. We are strong and self-sufficient. We have shown the world many times that no one can turn us down. We have risen from the ashes and we have stood the test of time. I have admired the previous administration but I am happy to say that we have better leaders today that we need to support.

On my own perspective, Among Ed is doing all these for the betterment of all. He is serving the people and the province same as how he is serving God. I do not see any reason nor motive for him to be linked to the traditional and corrupt political practice in the Philippines because at some point, he is not even benefiting from all these. When he gave his life to God, he has sacrificed everything. This time, he has given his life to the province and he has never even asked something for himself. He is doing all these to right the wrong and he needs our support.

pin_copyHow can you accuse someone of corruption when he does not even need money? More so, people claiming that he has been doing “power-tripping” in his office are not even putting justice to their statement.  People who do not want to support him may say that since we usually complaint not because we do not want to do things but because we do not want the person. Right? I see it also fit for him to use his arm to right the wrong because we have been used to all these corrupt practices that someone has to even use a little force to make things straight. He is the head of the province!

People may get mad at me for sharing my opinion but the way I see it, the poor governor has been thrown so many stones and even boulders. With his pure heart and his love for God and for the country, he survives each blow. I am not saying this because of my religion but because I believe in the man who alone proved that there is still hope. I believe in him not just because he is a priest but because he has been practicing what he has been preaching and he has taken the road less travelled to show the country that…