I used to collect DVDs of war movies. I have watched tons of them. I have seen Green Beret, Saving Private Ryan and all others. I have seen how the military creedo of "Leaving No Man Behind". I am not a military fan but I love all the lessons learned from it. I even love to read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Hehehe.

Kidding aside, I want to write this blog entry to instill a learning to all. For one, I have always stood for the principle that I get to arrive first in a face-off may it be business of personal and I get to leave last. More so, I never leave anyone behind especially a fallen man even at the expense of risking myself. I stand firm to this very principle that I have.

I do not leave people. The irony of this is that people get to leave me behind… sometimes or oftentimes. People get to leave me alone especially in times of crisis but friends tend to increase during abundance. Isn’t life so full of irony? Hehehe.  I know that friendship can be so fair-weathered sometimes but I don’t reject people as friends amidst all.

Green BeretThus, I relate to you a story I read at a famous "adult men’s forum site" a long time ago of a peer group who suddenly got addicted to drinking, clubbing and partying. They got so hooked up to all the fun and adventure of night life that led them to waste alot of money in just a short period of time!

The group went out engaging in their new-found diversion after work for 30 days straight where they almost spent around half a million if the forum thread was correct. They were having too much fun to notice their expenses! Besides, who would bother to check each bill when you are all too drunk with alcohol and too busy with pretty ladies?

This may be a common story but what made it interesting is that the same person gets to cover for the entire group for all their bills because they were either short of cash everytime they bill out or that they just rather settle the bill distribution later. It may have been perceived as an abuse but the poor guy just kept on trusting his friends.

Instead, he just let his friends pay him voluntarily afterwards. Besides, it is not so good to do all the accounting, collection and counting in front of the waiters, entertainers and other guests. Hehehe. Thus, this became a protocol to the group. At some point, the protocol worked and so their hobby went on.

Saving Private RyanAll went well until one of their colleague got caught red-handed with his pregnant wife and this caused a domino effect on each of the member’s  covert ops. Tsk. Some marriages were affected plus their careers going down. As a result, some had to leave work and some had to stop and quit the hobby for good.

With almost all of them leaving the scene, the poor guy was left behind to pay everything except for one friend who stayed with him afterwards through thick and thin. He covered almost a third of their accumulated expenses justifying that there are still individuals who adhere to the creed on not leaving comrades behind. He stayed as a true friend.

It’s may be a sad ending for the peer group indeed if we were to talk about friendship, finances, vices and loyalty but such things do happen! After that incident, the poor and abused guy grew up to be a better man less the hobby that buried him in debts because of being abandoned by abusive and user-friendly buddies.

Their story was published and raised some debates on the forum site as to the identities of the poor guy who was said to be a rich guy and his forgetful friends. I have personally read this story and I was alarmed but nonetheless, it was a reality that can happen to anyone anytime. Another lesson learned!