Running out of words. This was quite true yesterday. I ran out of words. Perhaps, I was just tired. Nonetheless, I have realized that it is also important to sometimes get tired and be quiet. It is also important sometimes to pause and to seal ideas in an envelope until the right time.

I love writing and I love expressing. My trait of being very vocal may it be verbal or in writing is something that enables me to make things happen. It enables me to speak for those who cannot and voice out concerns for those who fear that talking may put them in danger. I write and speak for the people.

The title I used for this blog entry is a title of a song so popular that made The Dawn famous in the Rock Band scene in the Philippines during their time. The lyrics may not be as detailed but then again it shows how sometimes time and destiny can put our thoughts restricted in an envelop.

The mind can think. It has no limit. One can always dream and plan but having all these things expressed whether in writing or in verbal is the challenge. Some may fear about embarassment, castigations, rejections, discriminations or some other repercussions for expressing one’s beliefs. Thus, thoughts become and remain as enveloped ideas.