I have always seen love as a very special thing. I know this may sounds weird with a guy so tough talking about love, finally. Take note that I am even using an image title of the movie of John Llloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. Hehehe.

Well, I long would want to write something about love aside from the fact that it’s been almost a decade since I last wrote a love letter that has now become extinct due to the introduction of SMS. Hmp. Well, love is a topic that is so broad anyway.

I have not watched the movie, “A Very Special Love”  but I have seen the sequel, “You Changed My Life” which somehow influenced me to love watching Filipino Love Movies once again. I love Aga Muhlach’s movies but not John Lloyd Cruz’. Hehehe. Preference changes anyway.

Love is defined in a thousand ways. I simply define it as something that binds you to someone or something with a touch of happiness. If you love someone, you want to be with that person always. If you love doing something, you will always look for a way to do that thing. Right?

I have seen people falling in love and forgetting the world because of love. I have read history books depicting battles and conflicts arising from one’s love of his country or perhaps a dispute brought about by a troubled love affair. Love is powerful. It moves mountains as they say.

youchangedmylifeI know a person who used to love his lady until he woke up one day that he can no longer be with her because the feeling has gone. He cannot leave her because she threatens to hurt herself. Soon, the guy would end up forcing himself to love her once again and continue the relationship. Love is a fool.

Days passed by and both of them were doing fine until the guy realized that he cannot love by forcing himself. He cannot love anymore just because he fears of the lady hurting herself. He has now completely fallen out of the love they have. He wanted to go out.

As he is planning to liberate his heart from this troubled love affair, news broke out that his lady is pregnant with his child. He was surprised but nevertheless, he felt that he has to face the responsibility as a man. He faced her with an assurance that he will stand by her side as the father of their child but he could not say to her that she cannot be her man anymore because the love has died a long time ago. He fears now more than ever because the lady carries his child.

What happened to a once a very special love turned into something not just binding but confining him to stay and learn to love once again in spite of. It is sad but I believe that love is powerful. The lady has demanded for a marriage amidst the fact that the guy has his own confusions as well emotionally.

As they say, if you love the person, you have to set him free… but the lady would not let that happen. Now, love has to be taught and love has to be learned by force. I wonder if there will be happiness in this kind of love nurtured by fear and duress. Love rules.

Thus this once A VERY SPECIAL LOVE has totally CHANGED THEIR LIVES whether they indeed liked it or not. I hope that this ongoing story will have a “happily ever after” ending. Love can bring miracles. Love is hope. Sigh…