freewillI remember this old action movie where a hero showcasing an amulet was born out of seeing his family oppressed and his parents killed by the villain because they do not want to sign a deed of sale of their farm land. This was the usual theme then for most action movies where oppression brings out a hero.

Moving back to reality, I may say that contrary to what our parents say that what you see on the television is not true in real life is actually a fallacy. I have realized that indeed what you see in the television happens in reality. Movies indeed reflect life and all its reality in full color and sound. That’s true.

Look around you. Day by day, a hero is born out of poverty and oppression. Someone goes out to rally and protest against exploitation and deprivation. Individuals from all walks of life break away from the silent living that they have and from the conveniences and luxury to fight social injustices and malpractices.

Just now, I know a story of people who are forced to sign documents and waiver without even being given any other choice but to sign. Those who did sign were praised along with their heads while those who raised some concerns were castigated and were being made to force to sign. Otherwise, everyone will be affected.

Because of the challenge and the threat, one of the heads even raised his voice noting that he cannot allow his team and the others to be affected and held hostage by the few who did not sign. They have waited and they cannot let other people who do not wish to sign to delay their cause further. He blamed the very people who just merely expressed their free will to decide.

I see this as a good example of people vitiating and using undue influence and duress to secure the consent of the weak and less privilege. I am disappointed as well to this head that raised his voice blaming the few who made their choices because his education did not enable him to understand that we all have to respect the fact that people have to make their own choices and forcing them on deciding on something they are against off is blatant disrespect. I pity him.

Putting someone or a group of people responsible and creating a situation where their non-conformance to something will lead to the deprivation of certain pay to all including those who agreed prior is a clear form of blackmail. You sent people a document for signing and you give them no other reason but to read and sign?

Is that fair enough? Even animals won’t eat something if they don’t feel like eating it. That is how free will is supposed to work. People are to be given enough consideration and respect to decide and to enjoy the freedom of choice. You cannot force people to give their consent. Perhaps you can but in the rule of law, that renders the entire consent vitiated and the contract or agreement invalid. At the end, there is no point oppressing people for your self-gain!

It is sad. I am extremely disappointed that such things can happen especially in a professional environment where everyone was educated to make their own choices. We did not spend almost 2 decades of education just to be puppets and to be ignorant and insensitive to the rights of others.

I just hope that same as the movies, we will get to have one day a hero to count on to save us from all the villains. I do not hope anymore that people will get to wake up and change their hearts. I have high hopes that there is always hero in each of our hearts and mind that will one day ensure the protection of our welfare and keep free will free-wheeling.