kurt-cobainI am a fan of Kurt Cobain and his Nirvana. I am not writing this about him nor his band but about people selling the world to shame and disgrace. It’s embarassing how some people can play tricks on their fellowmen and persuade them to believe onto something only to make them agree later on things which has secondary and hidden motives. I hate losers. 

I am a technical person. I am also a leader. Aside from this, I am fond of business and management plus sales. If I were to sum up all the things that I can do, I may say that I am good but I am not that good enough to compare with this man I want to talk about. I cannot sell the world like the man who sold the world. Sounds repeatitive? It should!

I hate it and I am beginning to hate the man. I speak in general and the man is not an individual but a system of values and practices that makes the very essense of professionalism and education futile. The coat and tie and all the nice sales pitches plus all the overselling and sweet talks describes him as the guru and the topnotcher in his field.

He is smart and witty. He can make people say yes by force and duress and vitiate consent to easily that he uses his soft voice and relationship with people plus all his parables to rock the boat and let you tag along with his lifeboat. He is a good fisher of those easily carried away. He is bright but not righteous. He is wise but not intelligent enough.

Amidst all these, I am learning. I am growing and I am maturing. I am mastering my capabilities and I am preparing. Someday, when I get to muster all to put up a fight, I will do that. I will topple him along with his buyers. I will reclaim the world that he sold and I will make a difference. I will make the croocked lines straight and I will paint the black walls white. I will change things.