I was quite  amazed yesterday talking to someone who was preaching me all these rules and policies when it seems obvious that he himself has not even read and understood fully what he has been preaching. It is really hard to put details as I want to put a little justice to the said person. Unlike others who can be addicted to staining the reputation of others, I am not like that. I do play the game but I am not as rude as them. Indeed, the Malaysians were right; I rather take the road full of vipers. Hehehe. 

Anyway, I was being hooked up with this allegation that I have taken a leave without prior notice. Thus, I am being meted with a notice of violation for the first time! It was really something that made me a little furious. Imagine having to talk to your superiors and sending them several SMS and emails plus a copy of the Minutes of the Meeting where the client themselves approved your intended plan to work from home yet your superior denies having received any? As a result, she files a case against you even when you used to be tagged as a hero for them?

In a mandate where we are required to work based on the client’s work preference and calendar plus the fact that the general focus of the engagement is ensuring delivery regardless of location, working from home in a regulated fashion on instances of emergency or personal needs has to be allowed especially when the client allows it. Noting as well that we work both on the weekdays, on holidays, rest days, Saturdays and on full weekends during rotational shifts, we need a facility to put a little work-life balance.

For more than a year now, people are being deprived of their vacation and sick leaves because of too much focus on delivery. Promises were given upon request to them that they defer consuming their leave credits until the Q1 of 2009 to maximize billing for November and December due to high expenditure. But then again, my Finance Officer friend is indeed correct. Promises are made to be broken even when they come directly from the top unless they are fully documented. In the business sense, the world revolves around sales pitches and half-hearted promises.

Well, a colleague took his chance of taking a 5-day leave since his leave credits are expiring come March 31, 2009 and he now face similar case amidst filing the needed paperwork properly and on time. His lead approved his request and so it was endorsed to the higher ups. What went wrong was that the alleged final approver was too busy with meetings that Friday came and the form remained unattended as per the liaison officer. Since travel bookings were made plus the fact that a family member also died, he has to push his travel plans anyway to assist his family being the sole breadwinner.

It is sad indeed. People gave almost 17 months of quality service extending almost 9000 extra uncompensated work hours and skipping holidays and other celebrations that they could have spent with their loved ones just to be “rewarded” later with violations for “working from home” for supposed “on-call shifts” with due notice both with the employer and with the client because you need to attend to a dead family member! Where is the word of honor in talking to people of delaying their holiday breaks and vacation leaves so they can take it later on at their will only to be filed a case of AWOL afterwards because you have availed of the said promise made and you have availed of your benefits as an employee?  

What happened to social justice and equity? Is this not applicable in the workplace? Can we not be partial in executing the law? If so, was the married male manager who was tagged for sexually harassing a front desk lady ever given a notice when the case was even escalated to the HR Director? How about those with clerical jobs who were allowed to even go on 3-4 weeks of “work from home”? How about the other known labor standard violations committed by the business to the workforce? How can we say that we are just mere doing our job and executing the policies when they are not even applied with equity and justice?

It was told that my grandfather was not an “immediate” family member the same as my colleagues auntie who lives with them and died recently. Thus, because they are merely categorized as “extended” family members, we are only allowed to take 1 day leave for their wake and funeral to charge to our leave credits even then cultural practice and tradition requires 3-5 days. Besides, I still have my full 15 days Vacation Leave and 15 days Sick Leaves for 2009 plus another set for 2009. Will you not be willing to take 3 of the 15 or perhaps all to attend to your dead? How about those who had the same cases and were allowed to take weeks of vacation to settle estate disputes? Was the policy applied as well to their cases?

 I know that this blog should be used for posting feature articles or whatever but I am making it instead as a repository of my thoughts. The site and its entire facility may be hosted by WORDPRESS but the thoughts are mine and I know that expressing whatever is in my mind is not illegal in this kind of forum. I have always been an advocate of truth, justice and equity. I know my rights and I know the law of the lands by heart. I have given what is due and I have paid and have been diligently paying my debts. It is quite hard sometimes to accept why people can’t be fair.

I know that I can be off the hook because I have always read and mastered the book but the issue here is that rules and policies are to be applied to all. No one should be above the law because there should always be equity and justice. When an action is done with justifiable reasons, judgment should be far and not hasty and drastic. It is not right to put people as victims of allegations because someone wants to save his job so he shows efficiency by pinning done wrongly his fellowmen. As they say, when you break the codes of the book, you can never be off the hook! Besides, karma is just around the corner!