Wise men says that only fools rush in. Hehehe. It sounds indeed like the lyrics of the song of the same title but this is indeed a fact of life that we cannot all deny. I know that perhaps a lot of us would not want to be tagged as one but indeed at times we are. We fool around sometimes.

Patience is indeed a virtue but fools don’t have this trait. Rushing things is the name of the game. This can be tolerable if we were to talk about love but if we were to talk about life itself and all the decisions needed, being a fool is fatal!

I know a lot of people who hastily judge other people. I have seen how they have destroyed not just reputations and dignities but lives as well. In their will to rush decisions, they violate the sole purpose of due process which is equitable dispensation of justice and equity.

It is quite hard that amidst education, we often disregard the very basic concept of good decision-making that results in regrets and failures. We beat time so we can serve our purpose based on impulse and intuition. We rush things often out of proportion.

How many of us would give enough time before we decide on something? Have we really put time to think and talk things over before we act on issues? Have we been fair in accusing and judging people lately? Maybe yes and maybe not.

Man was born to serve his needs by impulse, instinct and intuition. No amount of training can restrain him from drastically performing things on the spur of the moment. We are often impulse-driven which makes us one of the dangerous creatures of this planet.

To cut short, we all are fools at our best and at our worst state. Unless we inculcate in our hearts and in our minds that the need to be rational and patience when required by the exigency of time, we will continue to be as fools rushing in time and again. Thus, we would always end up regretting things because fools rush in.