It’s Monday once again! March 23, 2009, the beginning of the last full week of March 2009 has just begun minutes after midnight. So, what’s new? Hmmm. Well, it would be the same old battle for truth, reason and justice for me. I may not instantly be declared as victor but I know that good deeds and intention will always prevail over evil motives and bad tomatoes!

I am indeed back! I have been remotely working for almost 4 days plus 1 day for the Saturday job and I cannot deny that I miss the jungle at the office. I miss all the stress and all the issues in people’s faces. I miss all of them but then again, I did not miss the work because I never missed working while I was away because I was literally working remotely. Not by choice! I had to work because we have to deliver above all!

My grandfather died almost 9 days ago. His wake lasted almost 6 days and he was buried on the 19th of March which coincides with the Feast of St. Joseph, our barangay’s patron. Although we were all in sorrow for the death of a patriarch in our maternal clan, it was also a rare opportunity that completed our clan. Some members who were abroad for almost 19 years went home. It was a reunion for us.

Well, I was refreshed. After my Danish counterpart took over my work last Saturday, I went to our garage to check my car and fix whatever is fit for fixing. It’s good that I was able to see my rear tyre almost blowing out. I could have meted an accident as I usually drive at a speed of 120 to 140KpH.  It seems my Ingkong Dado was watching me over. Thanks Inkong Dado!

Well, just hours ago, we were at SM Pampanga for a family photo shoot with my mom’s eldest sister who resides in California. Antie Lilian last went home 1990 and that is almost like 19 years ago and she is leaving today as well. She only has 6 days here since she has to go back working expecially that work in the USA is quite hard these days that she cannot be absent for so long.

So we all bid our farewell. We left our home. My brother-in-law left with my nephew and was tasked to drop Auntie Lilian to her daughter’s house who also just got home from abroad for a 19-days short vacation. My parents along with our siblings and my son headed to Subic Bay Freeport Zone while my wife and I headed to Manila so we can prepare for work the day after.

We reached home at 11PM and it seems like  the old days. It’s me and my wife with so much room and so much silence. Perhaps, it would be like this when our only child gets to grow up and have his own family. It would once again be us – my wife and I. Anyway, I am happy that somehowI get to have more time now with my family and I am able to do more with my time by freeing my weekend.

Since today is already Monday! I am back with more blogs and I am back for my battle. Hahaha. Cheers!