I was driving so fast last Wednesday speeding at 120 to 140KpH and I was too fast and too furious. Hahaha. I was rushing my way home because I had to make it to the wake. Halfway, I felt this weird sound from the rear tyre at the passenger side of the car. I though I was running flat so I went to the gasoline station and pumped them some air. I sped once again!

Almost having to drive 45 to 50 Kilometers, I heard the sound getting louder. It seems that a string or a wire got caught on my wheels and was creating all the noise. I stopped and checked it. I saw none. The sound disappeared. I was puzzled and I was thinking. I reached my destination and I checked the tyre once again. I saw nothing unusual. Since I was home, I stopped thinking about it.

The next day, it was by Ingkong Dado’s burial on a Thursday. I checked the car. I saw nothing. Well, I decided not to take it because I thought it would be convenient for me to go to the funeral and at the cemetery walking or taking a hitch. Well, Thursday ended and here comes Friday. I was supposed to travel back to Manila but when I went out to check the tyre once again as it seems like underinflated, I saw thus huge portion torn and worn with all the steel-belts or wires coming out. I could have blown out my tyres and ended up hurt.

I was shocked but then again I was thankful that nothing happened. My parents learned about it and decided to give me an entire 4 tyre replacement as gift. I got 4 brand-new tyres for a discounted price of 9 grand. Hehehe.The night before that, I was reading this article about how to check for good tyres and how to do maintenance.

I initially ordered YOKOHAMA’s C-DRIVE but the DOT TAG shows that the tyres were manufactures last 2006 and they have no stock for 2008. Instead, I settled for an A-DRIVE manufactured 2008. they are a little cheaper over the first choice but then because they are new, I was a bit confident especially that the article mentioned that tyres do have some expiry and the quality goes down as the tyres ages. Hehehe.

Well, one thing I noticed on the labels and imprint of each tyres regardless of brand was the warning that says overinflation or underinflation can cause injury or death. Hmmm. Then I suddenly realized how this can be synonymous to people’s head. Overinflation and underinflation can be fatal. Being too confident or having lack of it can be disastrous to an individual. Thus, life has its own WARNING printed on our labels that says… OVERCONFIDENCE and UNDERCONFIDENCE can spell TRAGEDY – a quick realization.