How foolish people can always be both in deciding and judging over issues by impulse and intuition. We failed several times in the past and we have shown the world so many times how poor our judgement can be as individuals and as a nation due to the fact that we are doing things to please the majority and not to deliver what is genuinely needed – truth, justice and equity.

I do not want to judge with haste but then again, I know that even without mentioning details that everyone will automatically agree with me on how we have been unfair and unjust as well to our fellowmen. We are often deceived by the principle of “going with the flow” because we are used to voting with plurality. We rather take the usual path taken by many than explore the road less taken.

We have made so many mistakes in the past. We have sent people in sorrows and grief because we rather prefered being blind and mute on what the truth dictates. Every mistake comes all the blaming and all the regrets that we could have done better if only we gave it more time for us to think things over. In the end, all I can say is… I TOLD YOU SO!