Unedited. Written in a parking lot…

tomatoesIt’s almost lunch and I am still thinking what does it take for someone to be so good that they can sell and oversell bananas and rotten tomatoes like crazy over Iphones. Hehehe. I am so much interested on the fact that some people can really sell themselves so much that someone looking for an apple can be persuaded to buy an orange instead as if they were hypnotized that what they just got was indeed an apple. Hehehe. Sounds familiar? Well, I do not intend to speak about someone as this is a general statement which generally applicable to all.

Well, since this blog is a repository of my thoughts, I do not intend to censor myself so much but then again, I will try at my best to maintain professionalism and responsible journalism as I compose my thoughts into writing. Anyway, the real intention of this blog entry is to vent out my frustrations and disappointments about some relevant issues in my day-to-day existence and basically be able to shout back at the end of this article that already indeed… I AM FED UP!

Yes indeed. I am fed up. Some use the expression… I AM PISSED OFF! But I do not want to use that. I rather say that because of the REDUNDANCIES I see daily, I am quite getting USED or rather OVERUSED to the fact that anyone can just turn people into machines leading a monotonous life under the spell of “SOMEDAY I AM GOING TO BE PROMOTED AT WORK”. Hahaha. Some are already buried into that same spell that all they can speak when asked is… “SIR YES SIR!” or “YES THAT’S A GOOD IDEA, MADAME!”. Hmp.

The individual who casted the spell was a brilliant one. He sold us each an apple only to find out that instead of an apple, we got rotten tomatoes. Well, good for some as those rotten tomatoes are of great use anyway. We can always throw them back in their faces for satisfaction. Hehehe. I am just kidding but then again, I am still fed up by the fact that some people fraudulently sells an idea and even products to people on the premise of duping them at the last minute. It is not fair.

bananasI know a story of a man who sold himself as an international chef when he can barely fry an egg! There was one time an individual who wrote in his profile that he has been doing content management projects only to find out that he cannot even explain the very definition of content management and the associated concepts. There was even this person who allegedly had decades of experience with an ERP system but cannot even discuss the standard methodology and logic of an ERP SYSTEM. Often, these people would carelessly exposed their own oversold trash because at the end of the day… you cannot keep the skeletons in your closet for so long. Truth finds its own way and no one can cover up forever. Right? Well, shame on them if they see this statemen wrong!

Imagine having to spend 5 to 10 years of your working life to gather enough exposure and work experiences when others can just put whatever they want in their profile to upgrade themselves of the prestige and professional record even at the expense of falsifying the truth and cheating the employer or the client out of this overselling tactics. I know an incident where someone sold a team as senior experts but in reality, they are all juniors. Hehehe. Their contention is that the buyer wouldn’t even know amidst their vow of integrity… and mediocrity.

I am fed up. I am fed up by the fact that these things happen. I am fed up by the fact that people prefer being numb, deaf, mute and blind when they can do something to correct things. The evil of this society roots from small and white lies balloning to bigger fraudulent acts. The tendency of man getting used to his actions whether wrong or bad is so great that with no regulation, he can turn into a monster not just eating other people’s soul but his soul as well. The ability of man to adopt and adapt is his strength and weakness as well.

What happens when someday we find ourselves getting used to overselling bananas and rotten tomatoes that we lose the concept of having the real thing – the fresh and delicious bananas and tomatoes?