I have always been fascinated with the dinosaurs and all other creatures from the past. Not just because they are really like good “toy-materials” good for match ups with my “toy soldiers” and my “toy planes” when I was a kid, but because they were really fascinating and huge! It was also because of the fact that in my years of existence, I have never even seen one alive except for the small lizards and crocodiles plus the movie – Jurassic Park. Hehehe.

I am a science wizard. I can explain to anyone how things work and I was almost a walking encyclopedia then. They call me “MR. KNOW-IT-ALL” but then I am… except for LIFE. I am not a genius with life of which I was subjected to the same failures and mistakes as other people did. Hehehe. I know for a fact that there are several theories why the giant and ferocious creatures died to extinction – because of the cold weather and hunger!

It was ICE AGE then so I would always think that ICE was responsible for killing the mighty T-REX! Hehehe. So where did all the ICE come from?  There are two theories once again. Some say that it was because of the asteroid, comet or a meteorite that crashed to the earth that caused cloud of dusts and sea water covering the entire planet. Because the sun was deprived access to the Earth, the weather became so cold that everything virtually froze although some say that the impact created instead a heat wave that caused the mass extinction.

Well, both could have happened because as soon as the meteorite impacted the planet, the heat of the object could have instantly killed all living things. Consequently, this caused a worldwide cooling brought about when matter ejected from the impact crater reflected thermal radiation from the sun. Thus, we have series of ICE AGE MOVIES! Hahaha. This claim is actually credited to the Asteroid Collision Theory that links the extinction event so evident in a 6-mile wide crater in Mexico believed to have been the impact crater or what they call Chicxulub Crater.

One version roots from the fact that after the “Big Bang Theory” of Fred Hoyle and Georges Lemaître. Hehehe. On the day after the planet’s creation due to the great explosion, the Earth was formed with hot and melting iron. Because of the steam, the planet was enveloped with clouds precipitating into rain. Because the steam was non-stop, the evaporation continued and there was non-stop raining as well at the same time as the Sun was deprived access to the Earth. This went on for hundreds of years until the hot surfaced went cool enough to host life. As the earth cools down, steam continued to cloud the atmosphere and soon caused the climate change that killed all dinosaurs.

That did not actually kill all of them instantly. It was hunger as well! Plants died and so the dinosaurs who were feeding on them died as well. In return, the carnivorous ones feed on them until they all ended up having to consume everything including one another. Thus, they all died and became extinct.

Some say that it was not the meteorite. It was The Great Flood. Hahaha. Well, I may say it is still the meteorite because when the meteorite crashed the Earth, water rose so high causing the flood where Noah got to save himself and others with his Giant Arc! This can also be attributed from the Big Bang Theory where because of the continuous cooling off of the planet, rain was so heavy that it flooded the Earth literally.

Well, this second version is quite a joke but can be true as well. Having the great flood, every living creature can either die of drowning or perhaps die of hunger because food was either submerged to water – well, that may be salt water at all! Hmmm.

But what killed them on this theory is the fact that dinosaurs were so huge that they could not even fit Noah’s Ark without breaking the entire ship or perhaps without the carnivorous types eating every animal including Noah and his family. Hehehe. Thus, the Giant Arc’s door closed and all the dinosaurs were left to drown and die. Hahaha. Creative story… right? Hahaha. Impressive.

mybiblefriendsGuess who made that story up? Hehehe. It was a 9-year old boy who had just read his book; “My Bible Friends” with the story from Book 4 entitled “When God Washed the World”. Hahaha. It was also at that time that he was also addicted to dinosaurs he first read in a “Childcraft Encyclopedia” (Volume 6) so he must have mixed up the stories and made his own version. Hahaha. Creative, right? If only the internet and blogging was already around that time, he could have been famous at a young age. Hehehe.

Well… that kid was “The Little Me” almost two decades ago. Hehehe. So how about another story? Hehehe. Anyone?