NOTE: This post is made out of a comment entry I got from my sister on a previous blog entry I published. I just wanted to share it because we both have had the same idea and she had the same article by chance. I copied and pasted her comment below. Please kindly read on…

Bro.. this is in addition to what you have written on your blog.. and I like it. I have done a similar blog entry for him last year.. only that, he was still alive then.. and this one, sadly, is like a eulogy.. but you have to read.. I think it’s nice.. well, it may not be better than your works (like always…) but I think it’s worth reading..

Yes.. he was one heck of an artist.. and I pity myself that all his skills were bestowed to you bro.. you lucky, you… Sure, I had good grades in Arts when I was younger.. I was even part of the School’s Artist Guild.. but my drawings are nothing compared to my bro’s work.. and it sucks..

Ingkong Dado and his father has been renowned for their artistic skills.. our great-grandfather did good sculptures such as the famous Assumption statue placed in the heart of the San Fernando Cathedral.. the four evangelists painted in the ceilings were remarkably, the works of Ingkong.. minutely written on those majestic paintings are the words “Rizales,” a short form of his name.. Ricardo Gonzales.

When we were younger, I used to amuse myself by giving ingkong a pair of scissors and scrap papers and he would make LIFE out of those boring papers..a snip here and a snap there and voila!!! A cowboy riding in a horse will come out of the lifeless scratch papers I gave him.. sometimes, yes.. it was Tarzan who comes out of those papers.. and it is just soo amazing.. I actually tried mimicking his stuff.. and I couldn’t even make a perfect circle out of my cut-outs.. tsk tsk tsk..

Ingkong had this endurance that would make Lance Armstrong ashamed of himself.. at the age of 70, imagine how he used to pedal back and forth from San Fernando to Angeles City for several consecutive days.. whew.. now that is endurance.. I could remember him painting his bicycle from time to time.. it was shiny and new.. for us, it was simply a BIKE.. nothing more,nothing less.. we even used to hide it so that he won’t have to go out as we fear for his safety on the road.. but for him.. his bicycle was indeed his prized possession.. with it, he was able to visit all of his relatives everyday.. he was able to come to our house everyday…it was what made him strong.. and when it was destroyed by that jeepney accident on that fateful day.. his strong physique slowly depleted..

Truly he loved his bike.. or something with wheels on it – wheels that have taken him to several places where several stories in his life were created. Ironically, up to his last breath, he was rested calmly in his wheelchair.

This last one is my favorite.
Inkong Dado has this penchant for coffee.. See how amazing he was to pedal his bicycle around town just for that.. I could still recall how we loathe hearing his famous “Rhea, Ryan, sangkap mu nakung kape” tag line.. being young and stubborn.. we were so annoyed that we usually don’t make his coffee the way he wants it to be.. we sometimes put too much coffee in it that it tastes bitter like ampalaya soaked in ampalaya broth!! sometimes, we put too much sugar in it that even Hershey’s could not even surpass the sweetness of our coffee.. or sometimes, we put less of both ingredients, and it becomes tasteless that water’s reputation for being such is overthrown..

Truly, we were stubborn.. we were rude.. but still.. have we ever wondered why Ingkong Dado keeps coming back everyday to have a cup of “our” coffee??? That he would quietly sit around in the kitchen and lovingly drinks our home-made coffee up to the last drop no matter how awful it may taste?? We were so busy with our youth that we didn’t notice that at the end of his everyday routine, though he had been served with countless coffee in his relatives’ houses.. he made sure that he gets to have our homemade coffee before he finally takes his day off.. and never did it dawn to us that it is really not the coffee that he’s after.. it was seeing his family before the sun sets..looking back.. we didn’t really realize that no matter how rude we are.. or how awful our coffee may taste.. he made sure he checked on us.. that he didn’t waste any time not seeing his precious brood.. that whatever may happen in his sleep or on his way home.. he saw us.. being a STERN and MANLY man having difficulties of expressing his real emotions.. this cup of coffee was his only way of taking care of us.. his only way that we may never understand..

Now, Starbucks, UCC or Seattle’s best or any other branded and expensive coffee can’t do that. In ingkong Dado’s tastebuds.. Rhea and Ryan’s home-made coffee is simply PRICELESS and we should be proud, bro.. Ingkong would want us to feel that way I am sure.

I know he is finally at home… I could imagine him sipping the best coffee( that could make our “home-made” coffee as good as trash) brewed by the Master Brewer himself…while showing his art works with the Master Artist and thereafter enjoying the cool breeze as they ride their bikes that could make a Ducatti look crappy. I will surely miss Ingkong Dado.

These are the ABCs that would always be engraved on my mind whenever I think of Ingkong. He lived a simple life.. as simple as ABC as I may say..