What do you do when suddenly you realize that you are trapped in a lifetime of monotonous routine and you have no other choice but get along with it? Hmmm. What if you are given an option whether to continue or to quit in the midst of your strong belief against quitting? Again, you are left with no option at all! Right?

Today is Monday! I rushed from the province where I was into my Lolo’s wake to Manila for work. I had to sign my team’s HR timesheets, consolidate their weekly project timesheet, update the client billing timesheet and prepare my own timesheets. Sounds redundant, right? Well, it is! Hehehe.

As I was about to enter the office, I used my proximity card to enter the main door. I logged into the time-keeping system using my password, I logged myself into the login sheet and the front desk officer logged me once more in her own attendance sheet. Repetitive, right? Indeed it is.

I went to my desk. I opened my laptop. I logged to the domain. I checked my emails. I saw 3 different replies for a single email sent so I had to read all of them when they could have just been parsed to a single email if the reader only read the message completely before replying by installment and by impulse. Hehehe (again).

So after all these redundant things in a day’s work, I proceeded to attend a usual meeting. Again, I was invited electronically and accepted it only to be approached once again by a liaison officer to be reminded of it. Well, at the same time, my Outlook Reminder was also popping signifying that I am about to attend the meeting. Well, another example of repetitive repetitions of task! Hahaha. 


I went to the meeting on time. We did the dial-in and guess what the new thing was? Same old. Same old indeed! When they wanted to remove things, the general statement is that we have a bad economy, failing market and a poor pipeline. When they wanted to get us excited so they can push us to do more, the statement becomes a sales pitch where everything is about growth and success! Same old as I may put it! Another form of redundancy!

Hay. I can loop this article in such a way that I can enumerate so many things that keeps on repeating and repeating but then again, it would end up as an endless looping statement. Hahaha. The point here is that we all are faced with the challenge to eradicate the redundancies of life much like how companies would file redundancy for posts to save on costs. Life has its own costs, and redundancy is one of the causes why we seem to be making life so difficult for all to bear.

The challenge to simplify life and remove all the concepts of monotonous routine and put more life to life itself, then it could have been better for all of us! Imagine having to save not just your time and effort or even money and other resources, which would leave you to having more to spare and to spend for things more important – yourself and your family. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Well, if I were life’s HR Director, I could have long filed life its own redundancy and reboot life to a new start. Life need not be boring and tiring. We weren’t born just to do the same things every day we wake up. We weren’t born even just to eat, sleep, work and die. We were born to do more and to bring more good things. We were born to be different and not to be a repeat of someone else. No one can redundate us because unlike job posts, we were made distinct from one another as a sign that life was never created as a redundant DRP system.

Let’s make a difference! Do something different every day. Simplify life! Besides, you only have a limited stay in this world, maximize it… positively.