I was reading some of my blog entry early this morning and I happen to have read a sentence where I mentioned arts, bicycle and coffee being the three things that can best describe my grandfather who just passed away yesterday. Anyway, I thought of expounding them as I see them fit to best describe him.


Ingkong Dado has always been an artist. His works has shown how talented he can be. From sketching to charcoal and oil painting and cut-outs, he has shown us how a master he can be. He has made also several business signage and banners that he was almost a pioneer in that field of business. He even mentored Percy and Simbillo at one point who after him became well-known in the field of signage, banner ads, streamers and other business arts.

Ingkong Dado has it in his blood the love and master of art. It is an inherited trait that has been passed onto my mother and her siblings plus to us as the grandchildren. I for once have won several art contests since elementary days. I may not have so much time now to practice painting but still I am able to use my creative and artistic talent in designing business solutions.

As I said, art has always been a very dominant talent in our clan and we excel so much in it. Thanks to Ingkong Dado!


 To this day, I was thinking that perhaps if we let him to what he wish to do, he could have been stronger now. Some say that when you prevent someone especially old people from doing their daily routine, they can easily get weak. But then again, if we did not stopped him from pedaling his bicycle then he could have been more at risk.

I remember some instances where he got hit by a ”King of the Road” Sarao Jeepney. He got seriously injured but then he was back to his daily routine with full energy doing his best hobby – riding his bicycle. He was so strong then that he could always pedal 1-10 kilometers at ease.

To put him to stop, we got his bicycle given to someone after an accident which had him hit and injured by a speeding passenger jeepney. He was looking for it when he recuperated because his bicycle is one of the precious possession he has. He paints it regularly and clean it almost daily. He loves his bicycle.


He is a fanatic when it comes to coffee. He makes it sure that he gets a cup of copy when he gets to visit you much like the good old days. Ingkong Dado likes it as bitter as pure coffee. I am sure that if only he were younger or stronger then, he could have been addicted to Starbucks and Seattle’s Best particularly with Espresso.

I was not even able to introduce him to those places as during the time that he was quite strong, those places weren’t that famous or rather they have not yet existed in our town. He got old so fast due to several hospitalizations and from lacking the daily exercise that he should have.

Nonetheless, I may say that he never was choosy. He will drink anything for as long as it is coffee. If only I could treat him now but then again, I am sure that with all those years that he has been asking me to prepare him a cup of coffee almost in a daily basis, I was already able to serve him one of the best coffee mix.