O-051-0113I am still in my grandfather’s wake and I just posted a blog entry. As I was reading posts, I saw my Indian friend’s new blog – My friend’s name is Ezhilvel Elangovan or simply Ezhil often pronounced as Esil or Elil by his Filipino peers.

Ezhil is the 2nd Indian Friend I had and the only one if I may say whom I have not had any single argument with. He listens and he speaks when he has to. He confides in me with full trust and he is a man of honor.

He may be unnoticed and undervalued by some because of his humility but his silence comes with a remarkable trait of loyalty, truthfulness and competency. He is a good man and a very true friend. I have not seen someone who will stick with you through thick and thin amidst all the risks.

Like me, he has his own struggles and visions as well. I know that he wanted to do more and share a lot of his ideas to many but he had to deal with so many limitations. I am happy that somehow my little advice of him getting into writing has given him means to sharpen and solidify his view about work and about life freely. That’s how the pen works!

The power of the pen is so mighty that it can bridge people and even move mountains. Writing has always been a passion but more than a passion, it is my own way of venting out my emotions and ideas. It is my voice in silence. When communication particularly in verbal seems not feasible, I write. It makes an impossible dream possible.

As I always tell Ezhil… “Someday, you will look back on all the difficult struggles that you have successfully surpassed and you will be so proud how strong you have been all these days and how successful you have become both as a professional and as an individual. You are destined to succeed and I am with you”.

The Power of the Pen.