wfhIt’s been almost weeks since I last participated in the remote supervision of my onsite SAP duty-officers due to insistent company demand that I limit my work hours to the prescribed 8 hours… not just because of their concern on my welfare but primarily due to the cost. Hehehe. They are trying to write me off as an expense entry. Noted!

Since I had to enjoy for awhile ago due to the usual TGIF drinking spree downstairs at the 12F, I am a little sluggish but still functional. My team has decided to give it a break so I have to cover for them. The problem is that due to several efforts to raise the bar of productivity to 101%, WFH or WORK FROM HOME has been indefinitely suspended. Thus, I have to stay at the office and it is Saturday already!

Today is the 6th day of our regular work schedule as per client’s requirement. Anyway, it does not matter anyway since I have been doing all the “on-call” and “remote work” for 15 months now covering all Saturdays and scheduled weekend works. Unfortunately, this has made me as one of the most charitable professionals in the industry. Hehehe. I have given everything as a free lunch. Tsk.

Well, I do not wish to make this blog entry as a repository of my complaints or rather feedbacks but then I wanted to focus on WORK FROM HOME as a facility to cut cost and add a little convenience as well to consultants without compromising PRODUCTIVITY on the merit of TRUST and CONFIDENCE. This has always been my belief that at the end of the day, it will always be DELIVERY that matters.

Having someone at the office does not warrant for a boost in productivity. Although this has always been the standard in employment, the industry particularly with Information Technology has since broken the limitation of service delivery through technology where location has been deemed irrelevant. The focus on enabling people to be mobile and service be rendered continuous has paved for the introduction of WFH as solution.

Although this is indeed subject to abuse, various measures such as daily accomplishment reports, daily task lists and other metrics aimed at checking whether a consultant working remotely is able to complete certain targets has made WORK FROM HOME as a viable and industry-accepted work method. As they say, DELEGATION has to be done without ABDICATING the much needed SUPERVISION. As such, regulation is feasible when each proponents of a project performs their duties on a remote setup.

wfh2When target or goal is achieved regardless of means and work method, the very essence of remote work is justified. Besides, when successfully integrated in an organizational process coupled with regulatory measures, WOR FROM HOME becomes a very effective cost-saving devise. More so, it provides room for consultants to have more time at home or anywhere else to develop either their relationships with other people or explore their capabilities as individuals in an unrestricted environment without compromising delivery.

The only thing that makes this a difficult thing to implement and grant to people is the fact that it is hard for anyone much like a company to TRUST and often it is a reality that there will always be some BAD TOMATOES that cannot be TRUSTED at the same time. ABUSE is a thing that we cannot remove in any system but it can be regulated and mitigated in such a way that good practice and mentoring can minimize such fear in due time. It has always been a rule that one has to take the risks to learn and improve things.

As I write this, I am doing my Saturday work but at the same time, I am also preparing to take my family to the province along with my son’s pet hamster named Judas and his 2 Guinea Pigs – Bugsy and Pigsy. Being used to this kind of setting and having been a pioneer in our company of this kind of work method as seen with some European clients that we had, I have always been true and honest in ensuring that I deliver the services needed regardless of location. Thus, WORK FROM HOME is applicable to me as an example.

Anyway, I am sure that no one would want to step in an office to see empty seats because everyone is on a WORK FROM HOME scheme! Hehehe. The idea here is having it applied to people on a 24×7 engagement or grant it to people as a privilege much like LEAVE CREDITS but on the premise that either it will be granted on a case-to-case basis or with projects where location does not affect delivery.

But then again, for as long as one can conceptualized how to regulate and ensure that work is done, it can be freely granted to everyone where soon businesses need not to hold big offices and VIRTUAL OFFICES will soon once again gain popularity – a facility that can be so sound in the midst of the current financial crisis.

Anyway, I am sure that PROFESSIONALISM will always be the key to make things happen where WORK FROM HOME need not to be subjected to questions of TRUST and PRODUCTIVITY but it will be accepted as a feasible means to promote EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVITY.

So now I have to go back to work! Cheers