I just got a call from my mother who is 45 kilometers away from our place in Manila. It was 3:41 PM Saturday of March 14, 2009. I just published a blog entry and I was feeling a little goosebumps. I got to my bed and I was thinking why until I got the call.

My mother was weeping as she speaks. She told me something that made me paused for awhile and reminisce the good old days. I felt all the guilt of not having to spent so much time and for delaying things that I could have done before.

I just lost my grandfather just 30 minutes ago. It is not 4:01PM. I was never there and I could have been there if not for work. We were planning to take a morning trip to the province because I was scheduled to check the small business that my family has been putting up. I could have seen him alive for the last time.

I just ended my Saturday work. I just got the SMS CONFIRMATION that my Danish SAP Basis counterpart just took over at the same time that I got the news. It is sad but then again, I know that God has a purpose and perhaps it is indeed time. It is indeed time to bid farewell to my Ingkong Dado.