I just realized that today is the 2nd Friday falling on the 13th! The first Friday the 13th for 2009 was lasta February 13, 2009. As I was writing this, I have checked my desk calendar and it seems that we have only 3 Friday the 13th’s for 2009 and the 3rd one falls on November 13, 2009.

Anyway, it seems that amidst the above, today is a lucky day for me and my team and I guess it is exactly the opposite for some. Hehehe! I was quite busy the entire day finishing all our tasks for the week. The team on the other hand has been also busy doing their sets of tasks the entire day.

Two of my consultants are now doing fine in reference to the rift they had yesterday. Once again, I was able to unite the team via our usual “chizmax sessions” usually dubbed as “breakfast team meeting” held daily in the morning another one in the afternoon known as “brainstorming session”. Hahaha.

Anyway, all issues are being discussed on those meetings and some other trivial and petty side issues. The said activity somehow enables each member to express their views, opinions and their plans and aspirations which are useful for me in planning and providing them a path both for their careers and for their growth as individuals.

Going into a more broad area, the financial crisis has been getting worse as more and more employees are being laid off. Now is the right time for businesses to cut cost and lay off people either as a cost-saving effort or as a retaliatory measure for employees they hate most without having all the legal implications. Hmp.

It is really getting so bad but nothing can be as evil as that of those issues now surfacing regarding anomalies and corruptions in our government. Although this has already been a normal case for every nation enjoying democracy, we cannot just be blind, deaf and mute on all these. Someone has to stand and someone has to speak.

We have some SEC officials who are supposed to regulate and ensure that private enterprises follow the rules and consumers are protected from frauds and abuse, but decided to take the dark path for a nice SUV, a huge sum of money and a house and lot! How can you ever say no to such temptation? Hehehe.  

Nowadays, it seems that every day is a Friday the 13th for all due to all these misfortunes and all the issues that we are having around. But then again, we also have to remember that no matter how tough the situation may be, we need to keep going as tough people. We need to break free and outlive the situation as victors! No retreat, no surrender!

Besides! It’s TGI Friday! Let’s celebrate! Hehehe. Cheers!