I remember the time that our group released series of black shirts with various designs to express our thoughts and ideals with a taste of humor and a little sarcasm without having too offensive or vulgar.

ru1ofus_2As such, aside from the AMP shirt which was better know as the AMPOTABEH shirt plus the BEH shirt, there were 2 other designs made by a colleague which bears the pun… “R U 1 OF U$?” and “where are we after the D (donuts)?”. Hahaha. Creative! Huh!

afterthedNow, I realized that we can never be one and the same. We can never belong to something nor someone without having all the complications of turning yourlself back to your own wishes and principles. You can never betray yourself. More so, you can never always be at sync with people because you can never be like them.

pirmashirt1As I write this, I am quite in a state of confusion because things so good and well can suddenly sour in just a mere snap of a finger. It is so sad how a best laid plan can fail just because of petty misunderstanding. We had one just an hour ago. Tsk.

It is hard to elaborate as we have vows to keep and this has been the root cause of the issue anyway. Hahaha. But then again, I just want to close this blog intry on the saying that indeed… when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. As most teams would shot out loud… ALL FOR ONE and ONE FOR ALL!!! Cheers!