wasted-time1I am supposed to put this post as an addendum to my article about my family’s adventure last Sunday but then I thought it would be redundant or rather repetitive (as I hate the word redundancy). Hahaha.

I had a chat yesterday with a very good lady friend whom I have known for more than 2 decades now. She is Rhia, a newlywed and an expectant mother who is a good house maker, a talented artist and a Certified SAP Professional same as my line of job.

What an introduction! His husband and my wife might get jealous with such use of adjectives. Hehehe. Anyway, she has read my article about my son’s Sunday wish list and she was trying to tease me for getting lost when I have been driving around Manila for quite some time now. Well, I admit that I am not a pathfinder but even seasoned and experienced Taxi Drivers do the same mistakes even if your destination is as obvious as Megamall or Mall of Asia! The difference is… they do it intentionally to earn, while I am totally innocent or rather ignorant! Hahaha.

Anyway, in the middle of our chat since we started talking about our common friends and classmates who recently married, we talked about my blog. Actually we were talking about yaya-on-demand. Hahaha. What a detour! So I told her about my Sunday adventure with my wife and son and how we were able to make Rap so happy that day. To make the story clear for her, I asked her to read the blog entry. Perhaps I just needed an audience or reader then so I obliged her to read.  Hahaha.

Her feedback? She was teasing me for not getting a map so we could have avoided such a waste of time wandering around with no clear destination. She said that I could have had more time shopping for a pet or we could have seen more stores for the purpose. Well, she is right. Practically, time was wasted and we could have checked more stores for more options but we failed because I failed to take the right path. After 10 years of stay in Manila on and off, I am still a “country mouse”, the only term I can use to describe a “probinsyano”. Hahaha. So what is the English word for it again? Hahaha. 

Indeed I am. Anyway, here is my own rendition of thought on the statements above same as how I have responded to her via chat. First, how can time be wasted in getting lost in the middle of the metropolis when you are with the only person so special and important to you? How can getting lost be treated as “getting lost” when you are with your family happily wandering around with laughter and joy? Is saving time so you can check more stores and more options more important than having to use your entire time with your wife and son?

She just said… “Ah ok”. Hahaha. Time is a scarce resource. It is something that has to be spent wisely on matters only deemed important to you. Once consumed, you cannot take it back but then what is the use of taking it back when you have given it to someone with so much worth to you. How can it be wasted then? No wonder why my good old lady friend agreed afterwards and simple said “ah ok”. Hmmm.

I do not wish to expound further but then again, the post I have made detailing yet another great family experience last Sunday is a good example of when getting lost and wasting time is no big deal! Agree? Hehehe. Cheers!