It’s almost 2AM. I can’t sleep. My family and I were out after attending a mass at lunchtime looking for a store to buy my son some cheaper food and bedding for his hamsters and hopefully to grant his wish for a pair of guinea pigs.

Since I am not really a walking GOOGLE EARTH, the only places I would run for a check will always be SM MALLS like BIO RESEARCH. I was just about to turn towards SM MEGAMALL’s car park when we thought of checking out other places that could sell it cheaper. I thought of Cubao, Divisoria and Cartimar but the problem is how to get there driving. Hehehe.

Cubao was easy but having several malls and streets to check, we thought to start at ARANETA CENTER. We checked the GATEWAY MALL but its elegance can easily tell one looking for a cheaper pet store that we are on wrong place. Instead, we took lunch and met an old-time friend, Tin. Naks.

We wandered all the malls within the area just to add adventure to our Sunday. Anyway, my wife and son were enjoying. Besides, they were longing to be with me since I started doing weekend OT work. Hehehe. It was hot though.

Guinea PigsAt the Farmer’s Market, we saw this rice vendor selling feeds for chicken. Hmmmm. I saw one that resembles that of the branded gerbil and hamster food that we used to buy. Good! There were varieties actually – conditioner, concentrate, pigeon pellet, rabbit pellet and some dog foods. Hehehe. We took the “concentrate” and got 2 kilos of it enough for a small hamster.

So now we have to look for bedding. Hmp. If only I could borrow my dad’s electric planer and get a piece of Palo China wood, then it could have been a lot easier and faster! Hehehe. So, we asked a bystander for pet stores and he directed us to 15th and 25th street or avenue as they would call the places. Again, we headed as instructed but to no avail.

I was really hot. I SMS my friend Erick and asked for suggestions. He asked me to head towards Arangue Market near Divisoria or Recto and check also Cartimar in Pasay. Hmmm. Pasay was too far from Cubao so I said, I will try Divisoria. He gave me the direction and off we went to Recto, Divisoria, Arangue… whatever. I do not even know actually which is which. Hehehe.

I took Aurora Blvd. straight until we reached Recto then caught up in traffic near Divisoria Mall. I was quite confused of the direction so I parked. To divert my wife and son’s frustrations that we were losing direction, I asked them to shop instead for bed sheets and some other stuffs since my wife loves bargains. Hehehe.

At 5PM, we decided to hit the road since it seems hard to find a pet store in such a crowded place dominated by clothing merchandises. We headed to Binondo then reached Roxas Blvd. witnessing flying kites along Quirino Grandstand area and the famous Manila Bay sunset. Wow!

So now, my wife suggested that we head to Cartimar instead to fulfill our promise. Since I said the place is in Pasay, she recalled her officemate’s tip for nice and cheap furniture shops along Libertad. Hehehe. So where is Libertad now?

We took a U-Turn somewhere before EDSA and off we went to Libertad. I saw some stores still open at 6PM so we stopped. She haggled until we saw one. We got a nice bed frame with Uratex foams for 9K. It was something my son and my wife were planning to buy. Initially we thought of having none because my son was too small to sleep in a bed where he could fall. Since he is quite big at 9, we thought of getting one and that day was quite accidental.

After minutes of talking with the owner, we decided to look for an ATM and finally got the bed for payment and delivery. I made the sketch of our place and sealed the deal. Alas!

Now, it was getting dark and we still have to get the bedding for the hamster and a pair of guinea pigs to fulfill my only son’s wish. I drove straight and took a left turn as I reached Taft as instructed by a pedicab driver. Now I took my instinct with me and had a U-Turn as I have missed a road where I believed was Cartimar and it is. Hehehe.

As we head towards the street with a DO NOT ENTER sign, my son was shouting as he saw several pet stores. That could have been an instant heaven for him. Hehehe. At the condo, he has no playmate and he has no sibling as well. Thus, he was really longing for one in the form of a pet. Hahaha.

We wandered around the place. We saw several pet stores. Fishes, Iguana, Snakes, Hamsters, Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Chickens, Birds, etc. They have everything there! Finally, we got the beddings for 25 pesos which is far cheaper than the 200 pesos we get at the malls.

Last turn, we got his GUINEA PIGS and his 3rd PET CAGE! Whew. We also got some pellets as foods and he was so happy! He now suggested that we head home. They rode the car and they continued reviewing inside since my son was having his exams this week and he is a consistent TOP 1 student of his class and of the entire Grade 3 populace. Again, he was excited and so happy. He called his Lola in Davao and told him about his new pets as we reached home at last.

Soon, the delivery came and assembled the bed. My son ensured that his drawn layout of the room will be followed. I asked the delivery guys to assemble it as I arrange some of the fixtures and the treadmill besides it. Afterwards, I called my son to check. He was so happy that he immediately climbed up to take the 2nd deck as he reads his science book and kept smiling.

Minutes later, I went out to check on his hamsters and guinea pigs then suddenly my son went near me. I teased him and told him how lucky he was for the day for having all his wish list delivered and instead he corrected me by saying that he is lucky every day since he was born for having us and for making him enjoy the best things in life in our own capacity as parents.

I shared this with my wife and we were touched. After all, he is our one and only and we are really happy for having him. What a day to remember! Having to reflect on this and having to put my thoughts with joy in this blog, I realized how lucky I am for having my son and my wife and for all the blessing that we share from God. Well, as I started counting my blessings, I began yawning. It seems that Jose Mari Chan’s song was right.

“If you feel weary and you can’t sleep, just count your blessings instead of sheep and you will fall asleep… counting your blessings.

It works! It’s 3AM now. I definitely feel sleepy now. I need to cheat my insomnia. I have to sleep! Hehehe. Good morning!