master-rapper1Just my two cents. Initially I thought of putting up a title for this post as “A TRIBUTE TO THE FREE MIND” but I thought as well to use “A TRIBUTE TO A FREE MAN. Just minutes after, I once again thought of using “A TRIBUTE TO THE MAN FROM MANILA. Hmp. I ended up using them all!

All three tags – FREE MAN, FREE MIND and THE MAN FROM MANILA speaks of FRANCIS MAGALONA. Note the use of F and M which he must have thought prior being his INITIALS – FM for Francis Michael or Francis Magalona.   Bright Idea!

Anyway, I am sure that many of us would want to pay our last tribute and respect to the person who at one point has been so influential to our development and maturity as both an individual and a Filipino.

His music and views about nationalism and his pride of Pinoy through lyrics that summoned an urgency for unity and pride for our color has revolutionized not just the industry but also the beliefs and lifestyle of the Pinoy Youth of today.

Thus, I was thinking if it is feasible to coordinate with the other bloggers and fans so we can all gather and visit KIKO in his wake this weekend to pay tribute and give our last respect to the man who FILIPINIZED not just the PINOY MUSIC INDUSTRY but also the PHILIPPINES as well though his concepts both in his craft, profession and personal beliefs as a FILIPINO summoning the nation for genuine changes and DEFEND our culture and values as ONE.

tees22Well, some can bring their guitars if allowed so we can spend a night to reminisce not just the melodies and lyrics but also fill the air with his presence through silent and solemn acoustic renditions of his legacy. We can perhaps also wear “3 STARS & A SUN” TEES and clothes designed and made by him in his last few days to support his advocacy for nationalism. 

Candles will also do so we can light them up as we briefly offer prayers and  unite for a night of tribute to the free mind. We can do this to show his families and friends that we all are thankful that amidst his brief stay with us for 44 years, he has left us a legacy that will last for generations to come – something that we can all be proud of as A UNITED NATION OF THE THREE STARS AND A SUN.




From Francis Magalona’s blog entry entitled DEFENDER

 I am at the 14th floor of the Medical City, and I will do my 3rd round of chemotherapy tomorrow. I also did an interview for an ABS-CBN show called “Negosyong Swak na Swak” and it will be aired on Nov. 30, 2008 (BONIFACIO DAY)

 They interviewed me about FMCC, and of course, during the interview, I was already using the new DEFENDER shirt, which will be available at all stores by Monday.


This is a very great design by Carlo Maniquiz, it features the defenders of our country. It’s got outline tracing of The Corregidor Canons, Gabriel Silang and Andres Bonifacio and the Katipuneros waving the flag. It has a line saying “I’m Ready to “Defend” which of course is a phrase from my lyrics of the song “3 Stars & a Sun”.

What an apt phrase, for as I battle my disease, I AM READY TO DEFEND MY BODY.

As far as our country is concerned, I AM READY TO DEFEND THE FILIPINO NATION and our PEOPLE.

How? Simple. By taking patriotism to the streets, to the youth, to the men and women who care. Are we gonna allow our country to rot from all the corruption, and dirty elections? From all the false rhetoric of greedy politicians? As I type this, we have 2 hearings on tv. One about the PNP money that was confiscated in Russia, and the hearing involving some fertilizer scam.

When will it ever end? It’s been happening since my birth. And am 44 years old.