Green Computing!

Green Computing!

Technology was meant to introduce convenience and ease in terms of our daily tasks and perhaps to recreate our way of living where we can be able to fully maximize and utilize time and effort so we have something more remaining for the most important thing in our lives – family.

Because man has always thought of finding new ways to add confort to his lifestyle and perhaps to his daily routine, technology was redefined to make things and even life faster than we expected instead of making things run smoothly and slowly for all of us to enjoy each moment of it.

All the things we see right now including the pollution and all the issues ranging from environmental to political and economy are all attributed to technology and all the wrong practices and mismanagement that comes along with it.

To this very end, I think that it is just apt that we put technology into good use by using it to further improve, conserve and utilize whatever is remaining that should be saved for the future of our kids.

Green Technology is a breakthrough. We should have had this a long time ago and so we could have mitigated all the problems we have right now. But then again, I am happy that technology now is being redefined back to the proper perspective of conservation which in return brings convenience. It makes our tasks faster to accomplish yet making life slow for us to enjoy every moment of it.