I have always been so ideal since I was a boy until I realized that the same idealism that I have has always led me to troubles.

The world is not perfect even if I had to “make-believe”. The Philippines will always be as how it was and how it is right now unless perhaps everyone are as idealistic as everyone else.

All efforts will be futile. There will be no amount of sacrifices that could ever change this. We can never be perfect nor righteous.

I am not a pessimist and I have always believed that there is always hope for those who are determined to change the world. The only thing that seem to be an irony is that change has its age limit. To perfect the society, change has to start with the newborn and where people who are in their legal age should all be wiped out. Thus we may perhaps attain a perfect environment. Again, idealism.

All the things we hear daily, whether good or bad are almost always irrelevant if we are to talk about self-realization. No matter how high gasoline would cost, the attitude of a person and a nation will always be the same. Even if charter change pushes through and extends GMA in her presidential throne, who cares? We all have the capacity to move on, right?

Adaptation has always been coupled with survival which is parallel to man’s love for one’s self. At the end of the day, we will always be caught in a situation where the only option viable is what would benefit us most. The root word is survival. We are what we are right now because of our intention to make it on the top – amidst all.

Thus stems corruption and all sorts of misgivings where no one is exempted. As they say, no one is perfect!

The cases with the DOJ and the Alabang Boys plus the issues with our State Prosecutors is something that has already been a template of social behavior in the typical Philippines setting. No one needs to comment negatively or positively about the perpetrators because no one among us can even come clean.

Given the same scenario where your sibling or your child is put on the same shoes, wouldn’t you do everything as far as giving aways your precious assets to someone just so you can do favor for your own blood? When you are suddenly caught red-handed for an act that is judge wrong, will you not do anything to plead and escape possible punishment? Human nature.

I am not siding on anyone. I have always been for the truth and somehow I believe that there has been lapses so clear with some of the lawyers involved. The point here is that we need to focus not on the people nor on the process but on the root cause itself.

Culture. Values. The weakening of the smallest unit of our society – Family. These are the things that perhaps could lead us to a genuine change of culture – a change of heart. It may not be feasible but then again… I can always be optimistic.

In analysis, whether you get rid of all the users and pushers and the drugs in our society… there will always be someone who will come out and devise a way to create something similar or much better to suit the very motive why people resort to illegal drugs – to escape reality. The same with corruption, there will always be a trigger to awaken the bad side in each and everyone of us.

To end, let us focus on improving ourlseves and our families. In doing so, we are able to minimize the possibility of increasing the number of future corrupt people in the country because at the homefront itself, we are able to mold good people.

Let’s go back to the basics. As they say, what is essential is invisible to the eye. All will be futile unless we go back to the basic.