Office StressImagine a job where you get to laugh all day long and enjoy doing all your work amidst volume? Possible? Feasible? Hmmm. As they say, perhaps many of us are just in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Hehehe.

I have always been daydreaming way back on my junior years but not anymore. Atleast not here and not now. It is just sad how some of us are trapped in a place where alot of people are addicted in sweating over small stuffs. It’s a sad plight.

I have seen some employees outside who lead a life so ordinary. One has to wake up early and be at the workplace on-time after an 8 hours of work. Soon he arrives home with some “pasalubongs” for his parents or kids and spouse. A dinner is then served and a little hours of TV watching. Soon, the entire household closes down in a prayer and good night kiss. Ideal.

Unfortunately, some of us like me perhaps get to work late so I tend to go home so late or be at work for almost round the clock both offsite and onsite thereby having your work rob you of your most precious time. Often, we find a spare time for ourselves only to find everyone hooked to each and everyone’s watering hole and personal diversions. Reason? We all deserve a good time after all?

But then again, there are people at home who deserves more! Thus, because all of these has already been a cycle, fighting life’s monotonous routine has always been unsuccessful. Each attempt to manage one’s time and move to right path has always been futile if not totally a waste of effort.

Office stress has always contributed to this. We all are pushed for a diversion because we wanted to initially get rid off excess baggaged before we even step in to our homes. Often the diversion leads us away to our doorsteps. Hehehe.

With some people playing dump or perhaps they really are and with some colleagues who are good with the thing known as peer pressure, the entire work experience pushes us to all lead a life less ordinary. The irony of it all is that we do not even know we are on it.

So far, I am writing this because I myself is quite confused. Am I heading to the right direction? Or am I doing all these for myself? Will I be rewarded someday? Is this what I really want? Questions… The least of the things I can dwell on right now.