Can you survive without it?

I have been a gadget freak since I entered college and I have always made it a point to update myself of the latest gears being a hard core fanatic of technology. Now that I am already working still in a profession linked to technology, I cannot help myself but be addicted to all these equipments and machines that adds up to life’s fun and excitement.

Basically, this thing has not only made me a virtual prisoner of technology but also it prevented me from enjoying other things in life that are rather precious. Often, I would spend my weekend at home surfing or playing games or doing some sort of experiments with technology and this somehow limits my time for my family. At the office, I would rather interact with people via email or via the internet rather than doing a verbal conversation.

The realization came quite late that there is more to life and to the technology than the gadgets themselves. The technology we have now has been introduced to facilitate convenience and to make life easier for all of us to do work so we can have more time to enjoy nature, enjoy being with people and enjoy life. This all happened in my recent trip to Palawan. The island we booked for a stay had no electricity on the day time. Thus, I had no means to plug my devices. Since we travel by boat, I cannot risk having my collections wet so I stayed away from them. I bought with me a simple camera since I hate water and my gadgets actually hates water too.

In short, I spent almost a week without anything. My mobile phone ran out of battery and I was too tired in the evening to charge as the room only had 2 power outlets. The thing that made me survive was the fact that I was freed from the addiction and thereby making me free to spend time with my wife and son. I had more time as a result to walk the beach and enjoy breakfast without having a cup on the other hand and a texting device on the other.

Overall, a gadget-free travel is a learning experience. Once in a while, this kind of getaway helps alot in providing technocrats like us an escape from the wired world.